The association Une Terre Culturelle was created in February 2002, however its origin dates back to the 90s. Since about 20 years now, it organizes international encounters directed towards young people with fewer chances of mobility. Furthermore, it develops intercultural training seminars directed towards field actors in the socio-educative and cultural domain. It also coordinates around 40 volunteers in civil service, French-German volunteer service, and European volunteer service each year.

Thanks to the development of a local network, in particular with the socio-cultural centers, high schools, middle schools, and with the local social missions of the region, Une Terre Culturelle became an unavoidable structure in implementing youth exchanges and in training actors of international mobility.

Since about 20 years, the projects achieved through the support of the French-German Youth Office and the European programs allowed Une Terre Culturelle to construct its stable and high quality actions on the bases of local and international partnerships.

Today, we consider the international mobility of the youth to be fundamental. On the one hand, it can be a real tool of social and local development, and of professional and social insertion of the youth on the other hand. Accordingly, the added value of educative mobility is now henceforth very recognized; It allows the young generations to acquire new personal, social, intercultural and professional competences which boosts the chances of their employability.