Handy Knowledge

Since more than 10 years, the members of the association Une Terre Culturelle elaborate methods of action and appropriate pedagogy to the frame of the exchanges and the intercultural trainings. The work achieved by the members of the association allowed the accomplishment of about a 100 encounters (youth exchanges and training seminars) in Europe, in the Balkans, in North Africa, in the Middle East and in South America.

It is starting from these concrete experiences that we implemented a singular pedagogy adapted to the international encounters.

In each encounter, we employ a frame of efficient and reciprocal intercultural learning between the participants: “To learn from each other”, “To know oneself better in order to know the other”. For such reasons, we elaborated our programs around a basic framework which proved itself and which contains:

  • Exercises of interaction, of communication, and of verbal and non-verbal confidence.
  • Decrypting and decoding methods, intercultural exercises that encourage the learning about one’s own culture and about the cultures of the “others”.
  • Debates and encounters with local actors in accordance to the theme of the training
  • Workshops on the possibility of using these active methods in the framework of the participant’s daily jobs.
  • Visits of the associations in order to allow the participants to establish contact with local partners in order to develop new projects of youth exchanges (the role of a multiplier)