Voluntary Civil Service

The association Une Terre Culturelle, certified as a popular education association, recruits since 2011 around 20 young people each year in the framework of the Voluntary Civil Service. If some of the youth are fulfilling their missions in the office of Une Terre Cullturelle, supervised by the employees, others are employed in an intermediary way at our local partners for missions of popular education and activity hosting.

What is it?

The civil service is addressed to the youth from 16 to 25 years old, with a degree or not, and allows them to commit themselves for a period of 10 months to a mission destined to the service of the collectivity.

The strong points

  • A recognized and valued citizen commitment.
  • A chance to live new experiences.
  • The possibility to make oneself useful and to change society.
  • The opportunity to follow two training sessions (a first aid training, and a civil and citizen training)


Throughout the year, we propose different types of missions: Activity hosting, scholarly support, awareness raising to mobility, participation in implementing intercultural youth exchanges, photographic reports and writing articles for a website or a blog, the mobility of the neighborhood inhabitants… Each structure adapts itself to the needs and the competences of the future volunteers. A tutor and a coordinator from UTC accompany each volunteer.


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