Youth Exchange

The exchanges allow the youth from all nationalities to meet each other, to live together, and to work on a common project during some days or a cycle of encounters of different phases.

Our projects take on several themes such as music, history, sports, gardening, theater or even again, language. We pay particular attention so that these encounters lead as much as possible to a concrete and valorising achievement for the youth.

The intercultural youth exchanges are aimed towards groups from 10 to 30 years old, mostly coming from les privileged neighborhoods. As much as we search for a gender mixture (with a girl-boy equilibrium), we also search for a social mixture. All this is made in order to create clear diversity in the heart of our groups of participants. The motivation and implication of the young participants are determinant factors in the conduct of our exchange projects.

The exchanges are organized in partnership with social centers, high schools, cultural structures and associations.