Une Terre Culturelle develops and participates in various European and international networks with international mobility and youth actors and actresses, facilities, and organisations that enable us to broaden our practices by sharing and exchanging experiences, innovations, and good practices with our local, national, and international partners.

Diversity and Participation Network

Encouraging the development of youth projects

In 2018, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the twinning between the cities of Hamburg and Marseille, the French-German Youth Office, dock europe e.V. (Hamburg), Une Terre Culturelle (Marseille), the Regional and Departmental Directorate of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (DRDJSCS PACA) and the Hamburg Senate launched the third French-German network “Participation and Diversity” between the stakeholders of these two port cities and the Région Sud.

The aim of this network is to promote the recognition of diversity and participation at all levels in our cosmopolitan and pluralistic cities, thus fostering mutual respect and understanding within our societies. It focuses on the commitment and active participation of young people as indispensable factors in the creation of a peaceful and united future. To this end, we have to allow access to a greater number of young people, whatever their profile, to educational mobility between the two countries in order to strengthen their learnings and to encourage their personal development.

The main mission of this network is to bring together and to develop the exchanges between actors and actresses on the field and institutions, political leaders, social workers, educators, teachers and guidance counsellors from Hamburg, Marseille and the PACA Region to strengthen links, facilitate the sharing of experience and promote the creation of wider cooperation between actors and actresses in the two countries. In concrete terms, the network will therefore enable the development and implementation of French-German projects and will support the partners in the implementation of their joint actions and intersectional cooperation, encouraging the development of projects dedicated to youth.

Youth Mobility Pilots - Jeunes Relais de Mobilité

How to raise awareness among young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds?

How to integrate young people who need it most? How to make mobility possible for young people who are far away from it? These are the issues and challenges to which “Jeunes Relais de Mobilité/Mobilitätslots*innen” responds. The “Jeunes Relais de Mobilité” project is addressed to young French and German adults between 18 and 25 years of age who already have experience of mobility and are rooted in their local area. The aim of this project is to reach the youth furthest away from mobility that are not reached by the French-German Youth Office (FGYO) or the European program Erasmus+ and its partners, thanks to young people who have already participated in French-German and/or international mobilities.

Through this project, young people become “Mobility Pilots”, multipliers of their own experience to their peers. Two encounters of the young people, one in Marseille, another one in Hamburg, enabled them to benefit once again from this intercultural experience and to become active actors and actresses on their territory, thanks to the work with peer-to-peer methods. These young people have a privileged contact with the targeted public through their informal networks in sport clubs, organisations, schools, etc. The “Youth Mobility Pilots” are in the best position to trigger and convince young people far away from mobility, to participate in an international out-of-school exchange, even if they do not speak the language of the partner countries and the other participants. The project also creates a new dynamic within the Diversity and Participation Network and the cooperation between Hamburg and Marseille.

Rethinking Cooperation Sharing

Contributing to the dialogue between peoples

The “Rethinking, Cooperation, Sharing” project aims to promote and strengthen dialogue between peoples by disseminating human stories and encouraging cooperation and active citizenship. This project was born out of the observation that the lack of direct communication between the citizens of our countries and cultures creates a climate of mistrust, ignorance and intolerance, often manipulated by political powers for propaganda purposes and the preservation of tensions. The fewer opportunities for direct communication and dialogue, the less chance society has to participate in decision-making and to be part of the change. Thus, we see the need to create a free and shared space for citizens to produce together and share more realistic representations of their history. These common projects promote mutual understanding and contribute to cultural exchanges by giving voice to real human stories.

A first cycle of the project brought together young French, German and Armenian people in 2018, focusing on the Armenian genocide.

In 2020-2021, a new cycle begins, bringing together young people from Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine. The objectives of this project are to create a dialogue between the young participants from these four countries, some of whose peoples do not communicate much because of geopolitical tensions. We seek to re-establish a dialogue between peoples, not with the goal of resolving major political issues, but motivated by the idea of preserving benevolent communication and open-mindedness among citizens. The project will enable participants to meet twice in the 4 participating countries over a period of 18 to 24 months.

This project is supported by the French-German Youth Office and the European program Erasmus+.

M.E.R. Network: Mobility-Exchange-Reciprocity

Creating links between the citizens of Europe and the Mediterranean region

Created in 2014, the M.E.R. – “Mobility – Exchange – Reciprocity” network brings together youth and mobility actors and actresses in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The objective of the network is to promote the mobility of young people and to create links between citizens of Europe and the Mediterranean region by strengthening our capacities through the sharing of our working methods and our pedagogical and organizational approaches.

Historically, Une Terre Culturelle and partners from 14 Euro-Mediterranean countries chose to develop this network together, following a shared observation that it is essential to strengthen our capacities as youth organizations developing mobility projects. We share our working methods and our intercultural pedagogies. We are developing with international partners new tool that are joint and adapted to our activities.

Since 2014, three meetings of the M.E.R. network partners have been organized and have enabled the meeting of actors and actresses from Algeria, Germany, (Armenia planned for 2020), Bosnia, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Palestine, the Netherlands, Portugal, (Russia planned for 2020), Tunisia and Turkey.

Maison IV (“House IV”) - creation of a “third place” for international mobility

In 2018, Une Terre Culturelle launched the creation of a French-German and Euro-Mediterranean Third Place around interculturality, mobility and volunteering. The Maison IV (“House IV”), house of Interculturality and Voluntary work, is a resource centre, a venue, a working and coworking place that acts as a hub and pool sharing and knowledge. This location is developed as part of a participatory, civic and sustainable approach combining local and international initiatives. An ideal “Third Place”, this space will be a crossroad, a platform where the actors and actresses of the territory can use the international networks developed by the project leader, Une Terre Culturelle, since 1992. Marseille, being a port city, multicultural city, and a city open to the Euro-Mediterranean area, must undertake its intercultural role and finally enable women and men to create the conditions for sustainable human development. The Maison IV will become a swarm of collective intelligences encouraging Marseille to play this role.